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Parents want what is best for their child(ren), even when the relationship they had with the other parent has ended. Unfortunately, life has a way of taking unexpected turns that can affect the well-being of their child(ren). The same is true about the financial well-being of individuals who have divorced but are facing unanticipated changes in their lives.

At Michael T. Webster, P.A., we have been helping clients throughout northwest Florida with their spousal support, child support and child custody modifications since 1983.

Helping You Positively Modify Your Life

As a Board-certified family law attorney, Michael T. Webster has been assisting parents and individuals from our office in Shalimar, Florida, with custody and support modifications resulting from a:

  • Medical change — sick parent, sick child, on-the-job injury, debilitating injury, etc.
  • Change in finances — job loss, job employment, income changes
  • New relationship — involvement in a supportive relationship
  • Relocation — in-state and out-of-state changes in residence
  • Other unexpected life-altering changes

When you contact Michael T. Webster, P.A., we will work with you to identify your unexpected or involuntary change in circumstances, its magnitude and permanency, and how it will affect the judgment of support or custody.


A court takes into consideration many factors when a parent decides to relocate with a child, including:

  • What are the motivations for moving?
  • Is travel for the parent and/or child financially possible?
  • Can an alternative time-sharing schedule preserve the parent-child relationship?
  • Will relocation better your child’s life?

Our Okaloosa County child custody attorney can help you prepare for resolution of issue regarding relocation.

Seeking a spousal support modification? In Florida, the court determines if spousal support should be modified or terminated by considering: the existence of a supportive relationship, the need and ability to pay support and retirement. Contact Michael T. Webster, P.A., today for help from a skilled family lawyer by calling 850-651-0354 or visiting our contact us page.

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