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Michael T Webster of PAX Mediation is a Florida Supreme Court Certified family Law Mediator. Michael T Webster has 40+ years of family Law Litigation experience and is a Florida Bar Board Certified Family Law Attorney. Mr. Webster is also a Martindale Hubbel AV rated attorney.

A Mediator cannot provide either party legal advice but Michael T Webster of PAX Mediation, can guide the martial litigants through the Mediation process and to a meaningful, comprehensive, and fair resolution to the numerous issues.

At mediation, Michael T Webster will open communication between both parties to assist each individual in making decisions about their finances, family and future. Michael T Webster of PAX Mediation is trained to resolve disagreements and come to a mutual agreement. Once an agreement has been reached, Michael T Webster will prepare the agreement to be signed and filed. A mediated divorce controls the outcome and creates an agreement that works for both parties. Excessive expense, time and stress and avoided by not involving the court system and judge.

Our goal and PAX Mediation is to simplify and fast track the resolution of your case and provide creative and comprehensive solutions to complex family Law issues.

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Disclaimer….PAX Mediation does not offer legal advice