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In family law cases, issues are hugely interrelated, especially when it comes to the parentage of your child. While it is valuable for your child to know his or her paternity and how it is related to the important medical and cultural aspects of his or her life, it is also vital for establishing child custody and child support.

At Michael T. Webster, P.A., we will help you learn the paternity of your child and address the legal issues surrounding your individual situation. We have been advising clients struggling with parentage matters for nearly three decades from our law office in Shalimar, Florida.

A Fort Walton Beach Paternity Attorney Who Cares

One of only 250 Board-certified family law attorneys in Florida, Michael T. Webster has been helping individuals throughout northwest Florida identify the parentage of their children and protect their parental rights.

With a results-oriented and balanced approach to paternity cases, our firm not only helps mothers learn the paternity of their child and establish support, we also help fathers understand their parental rights when it comes to custody and support matters.

We have handled cases involving:

  • Establishing paternity
  • Paternity testing

  • Challenging paternity
  • Child support
  • Child custody

Our law firm not only strives to ensure all obligations are properly addressed, but that all rights are properly protected.

Paternity and Child Support

In order to receive child support for your child(ren) in Florida, you must legally establish the paternity of your child either through a paternity acknowledgment that is voluntarily signed by the biological father or through a judicial establishment where genetic testing takes place.

At Michael T. Webster, we will help you understand how you can establish paternity so that you can obtain a child support order or a visitation and custody order, as well as be involved in serious medical, religious and financial decisions regarding your child.

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